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>Aids in Schwarzafrika – die Katastrophenmeldungen sind bekannt. 25,3 Mio. Menschen sind in dieser Ländergruppe an der Epidemie erkrankt. In Botswana haben 35,8 % der Bevölkerung Aids, in Simbabwe 25,1 %, in Südafrika 19,9 %.
>Bis jetzt schien es, als ob Cabo Verde von dieser Krankheit nur wenig betroffen ist. So schreibt z.B. Rolf Osang in seinem Reiseführer über die Kapverdischen Inseln (Dumont Verlag) von über 2.000 Infizierten in Cabo Verde.
>Ganz andere Zahlen nennen nun Pitt Reitmaier und Lucete Fortes in ihrem Wanderführer "Santo Antão", der auch viele allgemeine Informationen über Cabo Verde enthält. Aids schreite rasch voran, jeder zwanzigste erwachsene Kapverdeaner sei inzwischen infiziert. Wenn man davon ausgeht, dass 50 % der Bevölkerung unter 18 ist, kommt man bei der derzeitigen Bevölkerungszahl von 412.000 auf 10.300 Infizierte.

Cape Verde creates AIDS co-ordinating committee

Praia, Cape Verde (PANA) - Authorities in Cape Verde have created an AIDS control co-ordinating committee headed by Prime minister Jose Maria Neves, official sources said in Praia Friday.

The committee's role is to co-ordinate the implementation of government's anti-AIDS policy and promote co-operation with local and international partners and other institutions involved in HIV/AIDS control activities.

Secretary of State for the Youth Maria de Jesus Mascarenhas is Vice-President of the committee, whose members are the directors of health, education, youth and social communication.

Representatives of youth and women organisations have also been included in the committee.

Health authorities in Praia estimated that about 3,000 people were living with HIV/AIDS in Cape Verde by the year 2000.
Praia - 20/07/2001

CapeVerde-AIDS: Cape Verde Islands new plan to fight AIDS spread

Agence France-Presse - July 13, 2001

PRAIA, July 13 (AFP) - Cape Verde is expected this autumn to launch a new plan of action against AIDS because of concern about its spread on the islands off West Africa, specialists said in the capital Friday.

The National Programme Against AIDS has just completed a second medium-term plan focusing mainly on spread of information, education and communication.

Officials are currently studying a third which could be launched in October, plan coordinator Antonieta Martins said.

With a population of some 420,000, Cape Verde has registered 612 HIV-positive cases and 300 people suffering from AIDS since 1986.

Specialists said the authorities were taking measures to reduce the transmission and morbidity of the infection, and especially to prevent it being transmitted from mother to child.

According to official statistics, Santiago, Sao Vicente, Fogo and Sal are the least affected of the nine inhabited islands of the archipelago, where widespread promiscuity is considered the primary cause of AIDS transmission.

Cape Verde consists of a group of 10 volcanic islands, nine inhabited, in the Atlantic Ocean, about 500 klometres (300 miles) off the coast of Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.

The economy is largely dependent on overseas aid and on money sent home by 700,000 migrant Cape Verde workers living abroad.

Cape Verde
Town/ City:
Cape Verde
Caixa Postal 719, Praia
+238 63 13 12
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Governmental agency providing information, education and training; counseling; family planning; coordination of all NGOs in the country.


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