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Geschrieben von sigi am 02. November 2001 10:41:59:

Als Antwort auf: Re: SCHÖNE VULCANOS NR LETZT von Willem geschrieben von Willem van Blijderveen am 31. Oktober 2001 23:56:32:

>>hallo pitt,
>>dieses jahr konnte ich einen kleinen teil islands kennenlernen. sage mal, wo wurde denn das schöne bild aufgenommen?
>>schönes wochenende.
>Hello Sigi, the photo of vulcano nr. letzt is taken from the Laki-vulcano in the South of Iceland. It is part of a 24 km-long craterrow and it was the result of an eruption in the year 1783 which lasted nine months. The lava-outflow was 565 km2 and because of poisonned gasses grass didn't grow anymore and therefor 10.000 cows (50% of the total in Iceland), 27.000 horses (76%), 187.000 sheep (79%) died. Because of that in the next 3 years 1/4 of the population died of starvation and Denmark (Iceland was a Danish colony that time) considered to evacuate the rest of the Icelandic people to Jutland (N-Denmark).... So it is a very nice place now, but it wasn't in 1783.

thank you for your information. When I was in Iceland in June I took the bus from Vik to Skaftafell National Park. During that journey we heard a tape with information on the landscape we were marvelling at through the bus window. Beautiful... Of course the Man on the Tape also spoke about the massive lava field caused during the eruption of 1783. What I felt in Iceland very strongly was that we are only guests here on earth. We are only temporary and if earth wants to get rid off us, then it will just do that! Iceland - for me - is a perfect place to feel nature. To see all those small flowers fighting harsh conditions. Men wouldn´t stand a chance there. When I was in Cabo Verde last year I could see the ability of mankind to make a nearly hostile environment habitable. As in Iceland I heard that more and more people leave the interior to live in Reikjavik or abroad due to the hard conditions.
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