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>This is the beginning of plans for a hiking trip to the island, the first step. I like the idea of staying in private homes. I like the idea of being able to plan my(our)own tour. Since I know so very little about the island and its people the first thing (no, the second thing since writing this is the first thing) is to read about the island and decide where to go, what paths to take. Any suggestions? My dream is of peaceful, green and lush paths with views to mountain which I may decide to climb. No rush necessary, no particular goals to meet...any suggestions?

Dear Terry,

I think, that the Island Sto. Antao will meet what you are dreaming of. You only have to plan to come to us after the rain, it will be very green and lovely.
But Sto. Antao has very different landscapes: sand- and stonedesserts, vulcanic landscapes, forests in a part of the mountains, tropical valleys, big canions.......

The second very impressioning island is Fogo. The cha de Caldeira is like a landscape on the moon. There is also an active Vulcan. You are feeling there the power of the earth interior.

As you had seen in our homepage, we are organzising such trips, but not in the common manner. For us it is very important, that the touristic benefits are for the people, not for some investors. We want the intercultural exange, because a country is not only the landscape, people in this landscape are the most interesting part.

kind regards from Sto. Antao



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