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Geschrieben von Beatrice am 19. März 2001 15:17:08:

Spaet letzten Herbst hab ich durch Freunde diese Symposiums-Ankuendigung erhalten. Als ich anfangs Jahr versuchte Kontakt aufzunehmen (via Telephon und E-mail) ging gar nichts. Ich versuche es jetzt wieder, aber ich habe vor auch so am Symposium teilzunehmen. Vielleicht sind andere Teilnehmer der Liste auch interessiert oder haben weitere infos.
"Ecsperiences" hab ich so geschrieben, denn sonst akzeptiert der Server das Teilwort "ICSperiences" anscheinend nicht (kann es nicht ausschreiben, sonst bekomme ich wieder Fehlermeldungen!).
Ciao tutti,

IV Symposium on "Fauna and Flora of the
Atlantic Islands"

11 - 15 September 2001
Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde Isls.

First Circular
June 2000

The Symposium on "Fauna and Flora of the Atlantic Islands" has been taking place every 2 years, since 1994. For this event, some 300 international researchers come together for exchange and sharing of ecsperiences and opinions on subjects related to the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Islands, with focus on the Macaronesian archipelagoes.

In 1998, during the III Symposium on "Fauna and Flora of the Atlantic Islands", which took place in the Azores, Portugal, Cape Verde was elected as the organizing country of the IV Symposium.

This Symposium has the following objectives

1. To allow the exchange and sharing of ideas and ecsperiences among researchers who study the fauna and the flora of the Atlantic Islands.
2. To disseminate and discuss the results of the main scientific studies conducted in recent years.
3. To discuss the strategies for the concrete application of the results obtained from studies already conducted or being conducted, for a sustained management of the biological resources


The Symposium will take place in the city of Praia, Island of Santiago, Cape Verde Islands, from 11 to 15 September 2001.

It will be organized under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, through both an Organization and a Scientific Committees, created for this event.


Scientific presentations will be based on following topics:
Nature Conservation
Information and Communication


The registration fee is US $250 for participants and US $100 (US) for accompanying persons and students.
For better planning of this event, interested participants are requested to contact the Organization Committee until September 30th, 2000, (see attached form) at the following address:
Ministério da Agricultura, Alimentação e Ambiente
Comissão Organizadora do IV Simpósio Fauna e Flora das Ilhas Atlânticas
C. P. 84, Praia, Santiago
Cabo Verde
Fax.: (238) 617511/711133

Further information on the Symposium will shortly be available on the internet at the following site: http//


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